Anthony hummel-anderson


Anthony "Tony" Burt Hummel-Anderson is the youngest and only son of Kurt and Blaine Hummel-Anderson. He has two older sisters Blaize Hummel-Anderson and Liz Hummel-Anderson (who is only 8 months older than him). 

Life HistoryEdit

Tony Hummel-Anderson was born to Blaine Hummel-Anderson and Katie Lewis (a surrogate who was a member of Kurt's class at NYADA) on 28th December 2023 in New York City, New York. Even though he was born in New York, he grew up in Lima (his parents moved back when he was five) and he resents his dads for not letting him grow up in the big city. He has never met his biological mom Katie and he would love nothing more than to finally meet her and sing a duet with her. 


Tony is a total broadway kid. Blaine has compared him to a young male Rachel Berry. He is very driven and very ambitious, and refuses to let anything get in his way from getting to the top, He has been considered very mean and bitchy, but he just calls it brutal honesty. While he is driven to succeed, he is an incredibly loyal kid and will stand up for anyone he cares about. He is a natural leader, even if people don't agree with his methods.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

Tony is a short kid, even shorter than Blaine. He has hazel eyes and thick brown hair that he wears spiked up. He is tanned with a well defined body. He has inherited Blaine's love for all things preppy. He wears a lot of collared shirts and ties. He wears a lot of courdroy pants and capri pants. He likes bow ties but doesn't wear them as much as his dad did. He likes to dress more casual too, wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans with a pair of sneakers.

Relationship with parentsEdit

He is very close to Blaine. He loves hanging out with him and doing duets with him because he thinks there is no one better than his dad. He isn't particularly close to Kurt, because he feels that Kurt doesn't fully understand him, but he would never treat him any differently from Blaine because they are both his fathers, even if Blaine is his biological dad.


Glee Club, Drama Club, Honour Society


To get accepted into NYADA, graduating top of his class and becoming a very successful broadway star.


Kerry James-Crush, has given Tony her phone number.