Arthur lopez-pierce


Arthur Gavin Lopez-Pierce is the youngest child and only son of Santana and Brittany Lopez-Pierce. He has two older sisters Georgia and Mona (who is only older by 6 months). 

Life HistoryEdit

Arthur Lopez-Pierce was born on 4th October 2023 in Beaverhead County, Montana to Lauren and Jamie Conrad, although if people looked at him and then at Brittany they would assume that they are related. He was adopted when he was two years old so he has no memory of his birth parents. He's always enjoyed the outdoors. He's very simple minded and never really made a lot of close friends, but he's okay with that. 


He's hardworking and loyal, if a little dim. Arthur is very dedicated to anything that he puts his mind to. He's very geeky and awkward but he's a loyal friend. That is, if you're nice enough to him that he understands you want to be friends with him. He has a very hard time understanding people, more specifically, other's intentions. Therefore he has a hard time bonding with other people.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

He is on the taller side, medium build but lanky. He is blonde, has fair skin that's lightly freckled and hazel eyes. He has a thinnish nose and pinkish lips. His clothes are very simple and a bit rugged. He usually sticks to jeans and t-shirts, sometimes going for a flannel shirt open over a top. He wears sneakers with everything.

Relationship with parentsEdit

His relationship with his moms is very good. Much like Brittany, he is very simple minded and because of this Santana actually understands him best because she's spent years with Brittany.


Track and Field, Chess Team, Glee Club


He wants to get into a good trade school and become a carpenter.


Madi Abraham-Best friend

He doesn't have any romantic relationships because he is asexual and therefore not interested in either boys or girls romantically.