Austin stevens


Austin Mark Stevens is the eldest child of Claire and Johnny Stevens. He is the older brother of Natalie Stevens. 

Life HistoryEdit

Austin had a relatively good early life, he was a happy child who was just like any other boy. However when he became a teenager he became obsessed with girls. Unhealthily so. He started to stalk young girls and sleep with them and has continued to do so. His sister Natalie and the girls he rapes are the only ones who know about his habit and he intends to keep it that way. 


Austin is a very creepy guy, he is obsessed with girls. He has a very short temper and often throws around girls who don't let him do what he wants to them. He is extremely obsessive, once he gets an idea or a person in his head he fixates on them which is what happens with the girls he sees. He has obsessive-compulsive disorder and everything has to be in it's place. He doesn't really talk much. He is very smart but lazy-he prefers sleeping around to doing his work.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

He is tall (6'0) and muscular. He has a large nose, wide lips and large ears. His eyes are small and brown. His eyebrows are medium sized and slightly crooked. He has a small amount of facial hair. He usually wears jeans, a tank top, a black hoodie and trainers.


He doesn't really have any-he spends his days working at a coffee shop scouting out potential girls.


Elena Puckerman-Raped 4 years ago.

Other unnamed girls