Elena puckerman


Elena Bess Puckerman is the youngest daughter of Quinn Puckerman and Noah Puckerman (Puck). She is the younger sister of Nikayla Puckerman. 

Life HistoryEdit

Elena Puckerman was born on 23rd July 2023. When Elena was little she was lively and very vivavacious. She was a chatterbox and never shut up. She was friendly and very inviting. When she was 10 she went over to her friend Natalie Stevens' house for a big sleepover with all her friends. In the middle of the night her friends locked her in a closet and wouldn't let her out into her friend's older brother Austin touched her whilst all the girls watched. She waited for hours but then she gave in because she didn't think it would be that bad but Austin raped her. She went home afterwards and never told her parents or anyone else. Because her parents trusted her friend she often went to her friends house and was raped by her friends brother. She never plans to tell anyone. 


Elena is extremely shy. She can't stand being the centre of attention and gets nervous easily. She is very reserved and acts professional. She tends to be witty and has a very sarcastic sense of humour. She tends to make rash decisions and is very impulsive. She hates losing and always tries to win. She doesn't like it when people touch her and is very sensitive about it.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

Elena has long brown hair and tan skin. She is average height and a normal weight. She has brown eyes and her hair goes to her mid back. She has glasses. She wears very simple clothes, jeans and a sweater. 

Relationship with parentsEdit

She doesn't have a great relationship with either of her parents. She doesn't like to talk about a lot to her mum or dad. 


Glee Club


She wants to become a dancer.


Austin Stevens-The guy who raped her when she was 10 and still does on a regular basis. 

Adrianna Evans-Close friend/has a crush on