Natalie Stevens


Natalie Samantha Stevens is the youngest daughter of Claire and Johnny Stevens and the younger sister of Austin. 

Life HistoryEdit

Natalie Stevens was born on 18th April 2023 to Claire and Johnny Stevens. She is the younger sister of Austin Stevens. She was best friends with Elena Puckerman up to the age of 10 when she locked her in a closet and let her brother rape her. She's spent most of her childhood watching her brother do that to innocent girls and she usually lets him because she's so scared that if she doesn't then he'll rape her instead. 


Around most people she is a happy, bubbly, confident person who loves to have fun and laugh. She has a great sense of humour and she's incredibly talkative. However when she's with her brother she becomes shy and quiet and very distant-although she can be pretty distant and secretive anyway. It's like she has a different personality when she's around him than when she's around other people. 

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

Natalie has long straight brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has narrow, arched eyebrows and long eyelashes. Her lips are wide and full. Her teeth are very white and straight. She has olive skin. Her hair has blonde tips, about 3/4 of the way down. She usually wears a denim skirt, vest top and strappy sandals. 

Relationship with familyEdit

Claire Stevens-45-Natalie's mother. Natalie gets on reasonably well with her mother-aside from the usual mother-daughter issues. She talks to her about almost everything-except her brother's tendency of sleeping with young girls. She also goes to her mom for advice on things. Her mom has dark brown wavy hair and hazel eyes.

Johnny Stevens-47-Natalie's father. Natalie gets on okay with her dad, Again they have a relatively normal father-daughter relationship. He has short brown hair and brown eyes.

Austin Stevens-20-Natalie's brother. Natalie has a strained relationship with her brother at best. She is terrified of him. Shdoesn't speak to him because she's worried that anything she says could make him angry. She flinches when he touches her-not because he's ever hurt her but because she's seen what he's done to other girls. Austin has short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.


Cheerios, Volleyball team, softball team, gymnastics, dance


She wants to be a dancer-she loves dancing more than anything.


She is not currently in a romantic relationship.