Nathan lynn


Nathan "Nate" Jacob Lynn is the only child of Ryder and Kitty Lynn.

Life HistoryEdit

Nate Lynn was born on 15th June 2022 to Ryder and Kitty Lynn in Lima, Ohio. Nate was a happy kid, all his life, until he turned 12 when he realised he was gay. He came out to a friend who told everyone which resulted in Nate being bullied. He began to self harm, cutting his arms and legs, crying himself to sleep almost every night. He has been going to counselling for 2 years now, and he still has a long way to go before he can even be considered properly happy again.


Nate is incredibly sweet but has inherited his mom's sharp tongue. He goes above and beyond to help his family and friends, but when it comes to himself, he doesn't care. He is very naive and self-conscious, and spends way too much time in the gym to make him feel better about himself. He isn't the most dedicated student but he loves singing and performing. He is sarcastic and has been called "bitchy" and "slutty" before by the cheerios and the football team.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

Nate is around 6ft tall, maybe a little shorter. He has naturally dirty blonde hair that he dyes platinum blonde. He has deep chocolate brown eyes and a warm smile. Nate has various scars on his arms and legs. He has a muscular build, like his father, only his chest isn't as defined as his dad's was. He goes for the classic dark blue/black skinny jeans, plain long sleeved tee, leather jacket look paired with either a pair of high-top sneakers or black boots. He never goes anywhere without his leather cuff that he wears on his left wrist.

Relationship with ParentsEdit

Nate is very close to Ryder, as they have much more in common than he does with Kitty. He and Kitty get along, but they argue way too much and She doesn't understand that he has insecurities about his life.


Football team, Glee Club


He wants to go to NYADA and become a Broadway performer-a dream which his dad totally supports. His mom not so much.


Nate is not currently in a relationship.