Nikayla puckerman


Nikayla Sophia Puckerman is the eldest daughter of Quinn and Noah Puckerman (Puck). She is the older sister of Elena Puckerman. 

Life HistoryEdit

Nikayla Puckerman was born on 21st December 2022. She grew up as an angel in everyone's eyes. She had a wonderful childhood. But like all people she has troubles coming to her senses about what she wants to be after living in her mom's shadow. 


Nikayla is a friendly young girl. She is intelligent and has very good grades. She never bullies anybody although she's popular.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

Nikayla has long brown hair with blond highlights. She has eyes like Puck. She has Quinn's head shape and Puck's smile.

Relationship with parentsEdit

She has a wonderful relationship with both of her parents.


Yearbook, Student Council, Glee Club, Prom Committee


She wants to be a successful singer, actress and fashion designer.


She has been in a relationship with Toby Evans since the age of 12.