Riley puckerman


Riley Rose Puckerman is the eldest child and only daughter of Jake and Marley Puckerman. She has a younger brother Chad Puckerman and 2 cousins Nikayla and Elena Puckerman. 

Life HistoryEdit

Riley Puckerman was born on 9th April 2021 to Jake and Marley Puckerman in Lima, Ohio. She was always the popular girl in middle school and had a lot of good friends but a few great friends (Finn and Rachel's kids). She was never very smart but that didn't bother her. 


Riley loves laughing and is very fun. She has to be happy or make people happy. She is somewhat popular because of her friends that are popular. Riley may come off as bitchy but she would take a bullet for her friends or her family. If someone tried to bully a friend then she would literally beat them up even if it was a football player. She isn't the normal, preppy, popular girl, she beats to her own drum. She couldn't care less what people think about her.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

She has wavy blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is about 5'4 and weighs 110 pounds. She is very small and she has fair skin. She always wears her ruby red earrings. She looks nothing like either of her parents. Her clothing style is preppy/casual.

Relationship with parentsEdit

She has a great relationship with her mom and a good relationship with her dad.


Glee, Girls Lacrosse Team


To be on broadway


Will Hudson-Friends since they were kids, just started dating