William hudson


William "Will" Frederick Hudson is the middle child and only son of Finn Hudson and Rachel Hudson. He is the younger brother of Izzy Hudson and older brother of Frankie Hudson. 

Life HistoryEdit

Will Hudson was born in Lima, Ohio on 17th March 2021. 


Will is a very open minded person. He can make people laugh with his lame jokes. He makes you dislike him when he tells you the truth. He's rarely ever short tempered although it could happen. 

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

Will is 6'0 tall. He has hazel green eyes and thin lips. He dyes his hair on a regular basis and looks like both his parents. He's also a football player just like his dad was. He wears his football uniform during the football season but when it isn't the football season, he wears Boston Red Sox clothes, he wears his BRS hat backwards. He also wears converses, chuck taylor's hoodies and ripped jeans.

Relationship with parentsEdit

He gets along with both his parents fine, although he gets along better with Finn that with Rachel. 


LGBT, Glee, Football


He wants to be accepted and to take the McKinley Titans to state.


He has started to date Riley Puckerman (Jake and Marley's daughter)